Exploring Relationships among Use of TPACK Model and Teaching during COVID-19 at Secondary School Level

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Kainat, et. al.


Due to the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19, the entire education system was abruptly transferred to the online system. The government direct the schools to conduct teaching online, it was m mandatory for every teacher to teach online. For online teaching, teachers used technology (online recourses) as a tool for learning. As the TPACK model is significant model for teaching  through the technology. The purpose of this study is to scrutinize the relationship between the utilization of the TPACK model and teaching during COVID-19 at secondary school level. The study was delimited to the private sector schools of Wah Cantt. The research was pure quantitative and research design was survey descriptive research.  The population of the study were the private sector teachers of Wah Cantt, whereas random sampling techniques were utilized to analyze the sample size (n=76).  The data were collected through the online questionnaire self-developed on five point Likert scale. The data through respondents is analyze by the descriptive and inferential statistics. The results depicted relationships exist between the use of TPACK Model and Teaching during COVID-19 at secondary school level. More over study predict that there is lack of technical knowledge, the online teaching in covid-19 prepared teachers for new challenges and increase teachers autonomy. It is recommended that there should be teacher’s training program to improve teachers technological knowledge and dire need to provide free internet resources for teachers and students for active participation.

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