Service Quality, Customer Loyalty, and Bank Customer Satisfaction in Namlea City

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Firman Gazali Djunaidi, et. al.


For consumer-oriented companies, consumer satisfaction is the company's target to create consumer loyalty. The company's success does not focus solely on customer satisfaction because there is no guarantee that a satisfied customer will repurchase from a company. Companies should be able to make consumer satisfaction as the initial goal in order to achieve consumer loyalty (consumer loyalty) in competition with other companies that are competing to offer their products to their consumers. This study aims to determine the effect of customer service quality on bank customer satisfaction. This research is a descriptive quantitative research. The objects in this study are customers at banks in the city of Namlea, Buru Regency, namely customers at Bank BRI, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI. The research period lasted for three months, namely February - March 2020. The data collection techniques used were observation, questionnaires, interviews, and documentation. The data analysis technique in this study uses XLSTAT PLSPM 2013 software. The results indicate that with good service quality from the bank it will be able to provide satisfaction to the bank's customers. These results indicate that customers who are satisfied with bank services will pay attention to service quality, this is indicated by a significant coefficient value and has a positive effect.

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