Learning Barriers of Affirmation Program Students from Papua and West Papua at the Universitas Negeri Jakarta

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Abdul Haris Fatgehipon, et. al.


One of the development problems in Indonesia is the unequal quality of human resources. To catch up with human resources in Papua, the administration of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, through the Papua and West Papua Development Acceleration Unit (UP4B), is implementing an affirmative education program. The affirmation program provided opportunities for Public High School graduates in Papua to have the opportunity to continue their education to the best tertiary institutions in Indonesia. Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) is one of the universities that accept students from Papua with an affirmation program. The preliminary observation results showed that some affirmation program students who studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences of UNJ have problems. Based on the issues, the researchers attempted to explore the learning process of affirmation program students from Papua and West Papua at FIS-UNJ and what are the learning barriers faced by affirmation program students from Papua. The study applied a descriptive qualitative method. The critical informant was the dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of UNJ. In contrast, the informants were students from Papua and West Papua Provinces who were studying at FIS-UNJ.


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