Emotional Quotient Analysis: How the Students Adapted in the Covid-19 Periods

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Hadion Wijoyo, et. al.


The research aims to know that success is influencing by intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a set of personal, emotional, and social abilities that can influence a person's ability to succeed.  Emotional intelligence also allows individuals to feel and understand correctly, using emotional power and sensitivity as information energy and affecting learning outcomes. The method used in this research is to use a qualitative approach with a descriptive analysis method. Qualitative research an inquiry strategy that emphasizes the search for meaning, understanding, concepts, characteristics, symptoms, symbols, and descriptions of a phenomenon. The research used several natural and holistic methods, with prioritizing quality, which presented in a narrative. The result found that students recognizing self-emotion (self-awareness) are still low, where 75% stated that they prefer to go to school at home because they can play gadgets longer.

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