The application of the six-diffraction methodology (DMAIC) in improving the work of the modern Diwaniyah water project (Case study: Al Diwaniyah Water Directorate)

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Batool Attia Kalaf , Hayder Abdalmohsin Sukkar


The research aims to identify the obstacles facing theDiwaniyah Water Directorate in producing drinking water using the six-diffraction technique and thus improving the services provided by it,  The case study method was used to study the reality of the work of the Diwaniyah Water Directorate (the modern Diwaniyah water project) which is one of the largest operating projects In Al-Qadisiyah governorate, which supplies the governorate center with drinking water, and data were collected through the survey form, personal interviews, records and documents, personal observation, the DMAIC methodology was used in the stage of producing drinking water which is (the source of raw water and the filtering project). It works on studying the existing problems in depth and improving the quality of the production process, by using a number of quality tools in the analysis stage of the (DMAIC) methodology, namely (Pareto analysis, cause and effect diagram)  .

     The research found the possibility of Six Sigma diffraction technology application in addressing problems and finding solutions in the research sample (water project Diwaniyah talk where it was found that low levels of river water and plankton in greatly affect the work of the project) and reduce the amount of total production of drinking water in addition to interruptions Frequent electric current, especially at the time of the atom.

        One of the main recommendations of the need to adopt Quality Management in the work of the Directorate of Water Diwaniyah and Technology Diffraction hexagon to reach the required quality and coordination with the Ministry of Water Resources to ensure the launch of the water quota sufficient to operate water projects in the province and coordination with the Ministry of Electricity need for the project is equipped with electricity continuously and without interruptions and work by Directorate of water Diwaniya and the provision of interest generators and fuel oils in the event of electrical power failure and the development of emergency plans in the event of power outages, especially in times of peak usage in the summer.

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