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This article tries to give an idea of peace to the world through Gandhian ideology, as the world is in urgent need of peace. The world is devastated by very serious problems like war between nations, arms race, civil war, religious conflict, international terrorism, political instability, human trafficking, drug trafficking, exploitation of women, racial discrimination, large number of refugees, environmental degradation, health problem, economic inequality, poverty, unemployment, cyber crime, corruption, rise of problems in family  like divorce, parenting issue, unchecked population growth.

Solution of the world problem is in Gandhian ideology. In Gandhian ideology, importance is given to truth, non-violence, love, equality, renunciation, self-rule, highly valued to humanity and morality. Gandhi aims at the welfare of all humankind. By applying these principles by all states of the world, problems of the world can be solved.

There is a question regarding the relevance of Gandhian ideology in this present world. Answer and the proof for this question is the life of Gandhi. Gandhi had lived for peace, truth, non-violence. Gandhi had succeeded in achieving independence of India from British throughpeaceful means, lived ascetic life, and sincerely followed his principles till death.

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