Religious Extremism in South Asia: Maintenance of Status Quo

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Dr. Muhammad Umer Hayat, et. al.


Fundamentalism is undermining the general public and mankind; by any methods it can't be upheld. Religion, the folklore which welcomes individuals to God, has been utilized to send individuals to God. From Church to Hinduism and to Islam; regardless of whether it is God-Given or human made arrangement of conviction, it has been utilized against its own main for the sake of virtue yet fundamentalist pattern. Religious fundamentalism is utilized to depict nearness of different religious, political, social and sociological schools of thought pointing complete utilization of religious basics. Every religion has at least one particular fundamentalist gathering thrive the goals to the roots: regardless of whether it is Islamic, Christian, Judaism, Hindu or Sikh religions. They have faith in their settled points, destinations and objectives as just genuine way and perfect and to accomplish that perfect they may apply tranquil or equipped measures. Yet their viewpoints are now converging into reign of terror, mistrust and evil performance on collaboration for economy.

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