The trend towards the teaching profession among students of the Department of History

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Senior Researcher / Rasha Nehme Aylan, et. al.


 The current research aims to:

1- Building a measure of the trend towards the teaching profession among students of the Department of History .

2- Identifying the level of orientation towards the teaching profession among students of the Department of History.

The researcher concluded the results of the research that:

The ideas, information, experiences and attitudes that students are exposed to during their studies at the university have influenced their viewpoint towards the teaching profession, as well as the feelings and emotions that the individual carries within him towards the topic, that is, the emotional and emotional aspects related to tension or emotional charge that give the trends their important characteristics, and this thing makes The individual tends to or is alienated from something, so that the student behaves positively towards the teaching profession, which may ultimately lead to a degree of inclination or desire towards the profession. , The reason for the formation of students for a positive trend towards the teaching profession may be due to the integration of the individual's experience with an element of the environment from other experiences, so that these experiences turn into an integrated form that can be the direction of the individual with respect to this element, as the experience practiced by the individual must be clear in dimensions The content of his filming and perception in order to link with similar ones in the past or with what he will find from his interaction with the elements of his social environment. As experience is transmitted through perception, imagination, or imitation, and it is considered one of the important factors in the formation of the psychological trend, so imitation and imitation are a strong factor in the formation of trends. This is consistent with what Pandora asserted that there are two main concepts in the process of forming trends, first is reinforcement, second is imitation and simulation; and that one of the factors of learning for (Pandora) is general mental readiness and his tendency towards the model, and his awareness of the importance of what comes from the model and its appreciation of value His scientific and social standing as perceived by the individual.

    Also, the trend, whether (positive or negative), can be like other forms of behavior by observing the behavior of the patterns and the individual imitates these patterns depending on the types of reinforcement provided, and the reinforcement is of several types, external reinforcement, and internal reinforcement.

In light of the research results, the researcher recommends a set of recommendations and suggestions.

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