Common Forms of Artificial Insemination in Humans and Animals and Sariah Rules In the Light of Islamic Ideology of Ijtihad

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Dr. Mairaj Ali , et. al.


The argument is that Islam is a religion that has embraced the solution of the problems of every age. That is why Islam does not deprive humanity of its bounty even in the most complex situation. Artificial Insemination, whether in humans or in animals, some of its forms are close to reason and in harmony with the purposes of nature, while some are unnecessary and useless. When the Ulama e Kiram considered the Qur'an and Sunnah for the solution of artificial Reproduction, they found the solution. Thus, this following research will show that this problem can be solved with deep thinking insight. In the light of the evidence, the summary is that there are several reasons for the artificial reproduction of human beings, which are conceivable, so a fatwa has been issued to justify them with certain conditions, while some of them are. , Which have no reason to be legitimate. In particular, since Islam has introduced the system of marriage for the protection of lineage, it is explicitly forbidden in cases where artificial reproduction will be attempted in the absence of marriage between a man and a woman. On the other hand, in the case of animals, since they do not require breeding protection, it is permissible to breed by injecting one's substance into another animal through injection, etc. The condition of animals depends on the mother. If the mother is halal, then the child born from her will also be halal, even if the sperm in her womb belongs to a haraam animal. Some contemporary scholars have also prohibited artificial insemination in animals, arguing that in this way the animals will be bred without mating, which will deprive the animals of the right of Mating. Which is an unnatural thing.

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