Digital-Distance-Education: A Step Back

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Susana Bastos et al.


In recent years, educational research has focused on implementing digitalization in education. However, the imposed practice of distance learning due to COVID 19 has shown that distance teaching still has a long path to follow to evolve. The digital platforms and methodologies available for use are still far from promoting real interaction and a way to manage emotions at a distance - the essence of face-to-face teaching. Based on the last months' challenging experience of distance teaching, it is clear that HEIs have to rethink their actions in this field and plan ahead. To help build an answer, we have developed a study to assess the impact that this time of digital distance learning has had on the lives of students and teachers and the results it has brought to academic and social life. The study was developed using questionnaires and interviews with students who, in the last months, have experienced distance learning with synchronous classes and whose evaluation was almost exclusively carried out at distance.

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