Modern Teaching Methods in Higher Education from the Viewpoint of Students and Academic Staff

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Ieva Margevica-Grinberga, Agita Smitina


During this time of rapid and unpredictable changes in the labour market and society in general, as well as due to the current crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, higher education faces many new challenges. Before the crisis, European Higher Education Area Ministers of Education had already set the development of new and inclusive approaches as a priority in 2018’s Paris Communiqué in order to continuously improve the teaching and learning in higher education. They had also emphasized the necessity to ensure a student-centred approach regarding the diversification of pedagogical methods. The aim of the study is to explore higher education students’ and academic staffs’ opinions about modern teaching/learning methods in higher education. Having analyzed the obtained data, the authors conclude that higher education students and academic staff interpret the concept of modern methods and their application and topicality in the study process differently. Recommendations given by the authors of the study are concerned with intensive pedagogical improvement among the academic staff, the acquisition of different digital techniques and online tools.

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