Social media networks and their impact on awareness and political participation: A sociological reading of contemporary Iraqi youth trends

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Hussein Khalil Ibrahim


Social media networks are of great importance to all societies, especially Iraqi society, as they are considered a basic procedural technique in understanding human interactions, and it has become known that these networks in our contemporary world have a significant impact on forming public opinion and changing its paths, especially in developing societies that seek salvation from the sediments of backwardness. And its components and factors through the creation of a conscious generation that can understand itself and its reality and its reality, and search for a solution to the problems of its society of all kinds, and address important issues, and develop moral, social, cultural, national, religious and political values.

     Political participation depends greatly on the degree of political awareness of the current national issues in society, and social media networks play a prominent role in shaping and shaping this awareness through the knowledge, experiences and trends that they transmit to members of society, and the mass media, using the audio, read and visual, transmits the various information that It creates a general political awareness of the issues and raises them in public opinion. The researcher relied in his methodology on reading and analysis preceded by the survey to obtain the necessary facts based on the social reality and the various changes that society is exposed to and the extent of their impact on society, through the researcher's vision of what is happening from the social reality.

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