Public Relations and Propaganda in Framing the Iraq War

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Hayder Assad


Public relation and propaganda has remained the tool of government and political parties to promote their recent agendas and try to influence the opinion of people in their favor. The Iraq war was never the exception of this phenomenon; rather it had moved one step further and organized a whole war using media as a medium. The horrific event of 9/11 was in the background of this war and it was a terrorist attack initiated by Al-Qaeda but then President Bush and his administrations established Saddam Husain as the main accuse and used propaganda and public relation to make the U.S. citizen believe the same.  This present study will evaluate the step wise role of media and propaganda in Iraq war and try to evaluate the reasons of this war. The researcher had divided this study in three parts i.e. pre-war condition, during war and after war scenario.  

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