Convergence of SMS language in Formal Writing by ESL Learners at Higher Secondary Level

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Asma Kashif Shahzad, et. al.


The acquaintance of teenagers with the advent of time-economical and an advancedinteraction mode has threatened the English language's standard form.This research explores the phenomenon of mixing SMS language in ESL learners' writing skills regarding the choices of lexical and morpho-syntactic items and the presence and absence of SMS features at higher secondary level in Bahawalpur.Two questionnaires have been administered to collect data for quantitative analysis. The data  has been collected from 80 ESL learners and 50 ESL teachersat the Intermediate level in private and government colleges sectors in Bahawalpur. Content analysis of 15-20 recently sent SMS has been conducted through text dictionaryof 80 ESL learners.The study shows the violation of standard norms of the English language, i.e., contractions, vowel deletion, punctuation mistakes, use of letters and symbols observed in SMS, and written assignments collected from ESL learnersof both sectors. Although SMS has its radicaleffects in the form oflearners' negligence, carelessness, syntactic ignorance, and absence of teachers' guidance, teaching methodology, and educational context are also the cause of learners'inept written work.

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