Types of compensation arising from the journalist's tort in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (A Comparative study)

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Dr. Nasser Jamil Mohammed Al-Shamayleh


If the elements of the journalist's tort liability for a mistake that caused harm are available, then the causal relationship between the error and the damage is established. Consequently, the damage must be stopped and compensated. The compensation that the injured person is entitled to due to the journalist's publication, which is considered a violation of reputation and dignity, maybe in-kind compensation represented by restoring the situation to what it was. Before the occurrence of the breach of an obligation, that resulted in the damage. It may be compensated with consideration, embodied in the form of an amount of money, and this is monetary compensation; or in the form of performing a specific matter, this is non-monetary compensation. A payment, whether in kind or exchange, requires determining the factors that the court must consider when estimating the compensation due. This research aims to show the forms of compensation for damage in the publications and publishing system issued in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through a comparative analytical presentation. It dealt with the topic through two topics: compensation in kind (restitution or correction) and, in the second, compensation for a fee. The first section concluded with a statement of the general provisions for the right to respond or correct in the system of publications and publishing issued in Saudi Arabia, and the second section showed the controls for compensation for moral harm and its appreciation. With a statement of non-monetary compensation.

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