Impact of Applique Craft Skill Education in Government Schools East Delhi

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Mrs Neetu Malhotra, et. al.


Education is not a physical thing that can be delivered through the post or through a teacher. Fertile and robust education is always created, rooted in the physical and cultural soil of the child, and nourished through interaction with parents, teachers, fellow students and the community. Teaching should aim at enhancing children’s natural desire and strategies to learn. Appliqué is one of the needle craft used extensively in India for textile decoration.Now days in the government schools in East Delhi, waste fabrics have been collected from tailors and from usage of old clothes applique craft work has been implemented. Present study focused on government schools girl’s students, as they are from poor background and by learning this technique they can get employment and will be self motivated.Distribution of threads and embroidery materials have been done to promote the skill. Motis related to nature birds, animals, fruits, vegetables,alphabets, flowers,leaves etc. have been taught for applique work. Present study conduct in the government schools girl’s students located in East Delhi, who learn applique craft designs and embroidery for their empowerment

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