A Cost Analysis of Cag and Ptca in a Catheterization Laboratory At A Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

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Ms. Shilpashree C R, et. al.


The Prevalence Of Non-Communicable Diseases (Ncds) Is Increasing Alarmingly Across The Globe And The Burden Of The Disease Was Higher In Developed Countries. The Incidence Is Increasing In Developing And The Underdeveloped Countries Owing To Lifestyle Changes And Stress. (Cardiovascular Disease Incidence And Prevalence Statistics In The World And India To Be Included Here) Even Though It Is More Common In The Urban Population, The Prevalence In The Rural Population Is Also Increasing. Cardiac Catheterization Is An Important    Procedure    In The Diagnosis And   Management   Of Coronary Artery Disease And Other    Cardiovascular     Disorders. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory    Has An   Integral   Role   In The   Management    Of Patients With Cardiovascular Disorders. Coronary Angiography And Coronary Angioplasty Are The Most Common Procedures Done In The Cathlab To Reduce The Mortality Of The Disease.

Accurately Understanding The Cost Of Healthcare Delivery Important   In The Management Of Costing Challenges Facing The Health Care Services In The Current Scenario. Unit Cost Calculation And Activity-Based Costing Information Improves The Knowledge Regarding The Organization Process And About    Unused Capacity Resources, So That Managers Can Make Decisions Regarding Use Of Resources. Calculation Of Accurate Unit Costing Of Coronary Angiography And Coronary Angioplasty Is Beneficial To Improve The Efficiency Of The Cardiology Department.

The Main Aim Of This Study Was Calculating The Costing Of Two Important Procedures In Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory In A Tertiary    Care Teaching Hospital. It Is A Descriptive And Observational Study. The Objectives Were- To Study   The   Organization And Staffing Pattern, To Study The  Policies, Procedures And Work  Flow And To Calculate The Cost Incurred In Performing Coronary Angiography And Coronary Angioplasty And To Suggest Recommendations, If  Any. Procedures In The Cath Lab Have Evolved From Purely Diagnostic Techniques To An Array Of Modern Life Saving Interventions.

Activity Based Costing Was Used To Find Out The Unit Cost Of Coronary Angiography And Coronary Angioplasty, With The Cost Drivers Like, Direct Costs, Indirect Costs.

The Results Of The Study Provide Improved Understanding About The Organizational Process Of The Cardiac Cath Lab. The Study Also Gives Cost Information Of The Most Common Services In The Cardiac Oath Lab Which Will Be Helpful For Future Decision Making Regarding Pricing Of Services. This Will Improve Cost Awareness Among Professionals In The Field Of Healthcare And Help The Hospital Managers To Provide Healthcare Services At Least Possible Cost, Maintaining High Level Of Quality.

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