Building Talent Supply Chain through Analytics

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V.V Sateesh Kumar Annepu, et. al.


As organisation look for options to cut the costs in business operations, including human Resources, partnering with firms that specialize in support services becomes a possible option for such organisations. Corporation`s are heading toward an outsourced support services as one of the option to maintain high quality support while reducing overall cost incurred over talent management.

Talent service providers allow the clients to build a support plan with the aim to customize to their needs and have the flexibility which can be used on an “as needed” basis. Support plans can come in many varied packages including annual or multi-year agreements, but can also be more determined on areas such as yearend processing.

Talent Supply Chain Management is a positive management approach for securing and optimizing talent supply and services through supplier network which enable the organisations to meet the human capital requirements.

Talent Supply Chain integrates managed service provider proficiency with workforce analytics including talent delivery, demand dynamics, talent motivation to deliver access to quality talent at cost effective rates and with minimized risk thereby improving the organisational efficiency.

Victorious businesses use a permutation of human capital metrics and decision tools to leverage on the performance of its human capital. Talent supply chain include different employee specific interventions like recruitment trends, attrition trends, growth trends, skill gaps, risk factors, costs, performance, professional goals vs. corporate goals, and profitability. The purpose of this paper is to build a talent supply chain framework with the support of human resource analytics.

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