Role of Employees’ Induction Program and Its Effectiveness in Smoother Integration of New Employees in Health Care Setup

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Ms. Shilpashree C.R, et. al.


Hospital is a high-performance delivery sector and every time only best results are expected. Providing best care and cure for patient is the main objective and this requires coordination between all the employees (both clinical & non clinical staff). This also requires dedicated and committed staff to work beyond the call of duty many a times. But as per research the employee turnover rate in healthcare is very high and recruiting employees is a continuous challenge for the HR managers. Once, recruited, their retention is yet another challenge.

Induction plays a very important role in familiarization of Hospital’s Vision, Mission, Value and Goals in ensuring smoother integration of employees into hospital environment. The work environment in a hospital is itself a unique entity and not all can accustom to it. Incorporation of such unique features during Induction programmes may help orient employees and make them feel comfortable. This ultimately helps in retention of healthcare workers and saves on recruitment costs.

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