The Work Preference of Saudi Doctors Who Are On Scholarship in the United State of America

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Abdullah Alabdali, et. al.


Many countries around the world including Saudi Arabia send their students on scholarships to other countries to acquire advance training in certain medical sub-specialties. It is expected that scholars will return to their countries and they will participate in developing their countries in many aspects, culturally and clinically. The aim of the study is to estimate the percentage of Saudi doctors who are taking a scholarship in the United States of America who are willing to work abroad after finishing their clinical program and to investigate the reasons for them to work abroad. The study was conducted in the United States of America by sending electronic questionnaires.


This study is a cross-sectional questionnaire-based study. Conducted in the United States of America. Included Saudi doctors who are in either a residency or fellowship programs. The primary data was collected via electronic questionnaires using standardized electronic website. The invitations to participate were sent via mass E-mails by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in the United States.


Of the 45 who met the inclusion criteria 36 (80%) preferred to work in Saudi Arabia, while 9 (20%) wanted to work abroad. Among the reasons that affected their choice of the country were security and work environment, financial issue, lifestyle of the region, modern medical equipment and opportunity of career development respectively.


The study showed that 80% of respondents prefer to come back to Saudi Arabia, mainly for their family. However, there is still a percentage of the respondents who would like to continue working abroad for the lifestyle and work environment.

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