Confessional Mode In Kamala Das’ Poetry

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Dr.Mary John Sajeev


In this research article “Confessional Mode in Kamala Das’ Poetry,” the findings are based on bold and frank expression of personal experiences and life of Kamala Das.  All her works have autobiographical elements which resemble her matrimonial and sexual relationships. Her confessional mode is razor sharp on its issues. She is frankly confessional and exclusively an articulate voice. Most of her poems express her yearnings for love. Disillusionment, emotional distress in marital life, failures, and frustrations in the patriarchal world are some of the important aspects of her poetry. Kamala Das always deals with her own sufferings and humiliation. Her personal agony and pain show human predicament. Her poems consist of a detailed study which reveals her utter sincerity and self-scrutiny. She raises the voice of a liberated woman in India. This research article focuses on the value, right, and position of women in a conservative society. It also puts light on the women’s problems in the current world.

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