Magic Realism in Toni Morrison’s God Help The Child

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Shanice Anne Ranade, et. al.


The Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Morrison has garnered critical acclaim for her contribution to Afro-American literature. This paper attempts to analyse her eleventh novel, God Help the Child (2015) in its use of the postmodern technique of Magic Realism. The magical transformation of the protagonist Bride’s body from an adult to a child finds apt ground for the analysis of this technique in use in the novel. The reasons for this transformation are explored through this paper along with an interpretation of the device in use with regards to the text. The Magic Realism that is used in the novel can be observed as having a negative connotation as Bride’s body reverts to a child’s. In the end however, the novel ends on a positive note as Bride gets back to her original form after coming to terms with her guilt and confessing her wrong doing to Booker.

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