A Systematic Review of the Role of Higher Education and Educational Policies in Pakistan

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Abdul Malik, et. al.


This study is about, a systematic review of the role of higher education and educational policies in Pakistan. At the same time, we can see the diversity in each policy e.g. Education policy 1970 importance technology and science education, in 1972-80 private institutions are nationalized, in 1979 the basic importance was on spiritual and Islamic education, the medium of instruction as an Urdu, in 1992 Demand oriented curriculum was in focus, in 1998-2010 equal opportunities to higher education. Education Sector Reforms 2003 program is built upon the long-term vision of the National Education Policy 1998-2010- and ten-year perspective development plan 2001-11. During the 74 years since independence, efforts to increase enrolment and literacy were not rare. All policies were partially implemented due to financial and political constraints. Objectives of the study, Review of all educational policies, of higher education in Pakistan. Methodology: The research process was the following: To indicate the goals and accomplishment of higher education in Pakistan. A historical method of research was adopted. Research projects reports and journals link to the indicate goals and accomplishments were studied. Education policies from the dawn of freedom 1947 to 2018 were studies. Five-year government plans were studies. Reports and related literature were consulted to study the targets and achievements of higher education. Findings of the study: One is knowledge building through research, analysis, and theory building. The second thing is the most important imparting knowledge to the next generation through teaching. A state that is not improved when imparting knowledge to the sources, such as knowledge, economy, teaching methodology, and research innovation of the knowledge, prepares the new teaching staff. Conclusion of the study: Higher education introduced the new paradigm for improvements for higher education. The federal level to create the sector for the improvement of an international donor for higher education funding, and implementation of the policy.   

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