The Influence of Peer Conformity on the Student’s Agreeableness Personality SMP IT Nurul Ilmi

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Siti Aisyah, et. al.


Personality is a form of behavior that displayed by an individual when interacting with others. How he reacts and interacts will be influenced by his personality type. An individual who has an Agreeableness personality will display an attitude of empathy, helpfulness, gentleness, forgiveness, cooperation and submissiveness. Many factors that forming personality and one of them is formed by peer conformity. As the research conducted at SMP IT Nurul Ilmi where the research conducted aims to describe the personality forming factors of agreeableness. The research sample consisted of 60 students who were taken with Simple Random Sampling techniques from all classes. This research is a quantitative descriptive research that is to find out the value of variables independently with correlation techniques. The instruments that used in this study were the big five scale and the peer conformity scale. The results of the study using multiple linear regression analysis showed that peer conformity had a positive influence on agreeableness personality. It means that peer conformity contributes effectively to the formation of agreeableness personalities. It can be concluded that peer conformity can enhance student’s agreeableness personality.

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