Social Psychoanalytic Diversions In "Unshakable: Subconscious" By Mulk Raj Anand

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Sarveen Kaur Sachdeva, et. al.


This Article Addresses The Issue Of Social And Class Exploitation In "Untouchables" Against Mulk Raj Anand. Class And Secondary Exploitation And Generation-To-Generation Transmission Are The Most Controversial Issues In The Indian Subcontinent (Especially The Indian Confederation), Not Only Because Of Their Religious And Economic Laws, But Also Because They Are Forced To Defeat The Underlying Modernity. Since Ancient Times, Indian Society Has Been Common In India. Indian Society Has Been Common In India Since Ancient Times. The Lower Classes Despise And Abuse. Anand Invented The Protagonist Bakha And Described A Day In His Life. The Novelist Focused His Attention On The Tragic Situation Of The Next Class Member Of Bakha’s Pariah. Untouchables Provide British Indian Writers With New Opportunities To Explore A New Second World. It Brought Hope To Both Hindus And India Who Could Not Get Rid Of It, But Also To Gandhi’s Philosophy, Which Aimed To Raise Awareness Of The Removal Of The Caste System And Hierarchy From Indian Culture. They Are Ordinary Victims Of Oppression Because They Have No Economic And Political Power To Resist The Rule Of The Upper Class. They Cannot Tell And Describe Their Position In Front Of The World. These Upper Class People Have Little Chance To Change The Fate Of Society. According To The Upper Class, They Have No Opportunity To Raise Awareness, Receive Education And Enjoy Equal Rights To Improve Their Status.

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