Causes of the problem of profanity among primary school pupils from the teachers’ point of view

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Dr. Ashwaq Saber Nasser, et. al.


This study aims to identify the causes of the profanity problem among primary school pupils. It examined primary school teachers working in elementary schools affiliated to the Third Al-Karkh Education Directorate of both genders (male / female) for the academic year 2019/2020. A questionnaire about the causes of the problem of profanity was prepared for this study. The questionnaire in its final form consisted of (32) fields the validity and consistency of which were checked.

The researchers used the weighted mean and percentage to extract the results. The results showed that environmental factors can be considered as some the most common causes of the emergence of the problem of profanity. These include factors with which the pupil lives, interacts as well as those causes which influence the pupil and vice versa. Of particular note here is the process of socialisation and the methods used by parents in dealing with children. These also include television programs, as well as mixing with peers, playing in the street, and family members using profanity as a form of interaction between them

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