Educational Administration of Buddhist Schools under OBCP

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Sunthon Saikham, et. al.


The objective of this research was: to study 1) the conditions of educational administration of Buddhist schools under the Office of Buddhism in
Chaiyaphum Province (OBSP) in Thailand; 2) the guidelines to promote the education administration of the mentioned Buddhist schools in the
21st century. This study was undertaken based on the mixed methods-research. The selected samples included 100 participants (educational
administrators and teachers). Selected by purposive sampling, the target group was 12 samples. At this stage, the questionnaire (reliability value
= .97) and the interview were used to collect the empirical data, later on, being analyzed by the following statistics: Percentage, Mean, S.D., ttest, and f-test (One Way ANOVA). The obtained qualitative data were studied by the descriptive analysis. The research findings indicate that:
1) the overall mean of samples’ attitudes on conditions of educational administration of Buddhist schools under OBCP was at a high level. The
highest mean was seen in ‘Academic Administration,' followed by that of ‘General Affairs,' 'Personnel’ and ‘Finance.' 2) For the aforesaid
guidelines, the pedagogical curriculum of the schools should be up-to-date and adjusted in accordance with learners’ needs; technology, more
advanced media, and instructional innovations should be taken to improve the school evaluation systems, to develop the learning resources.

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