Teachers in the New Normal: A Grounded Theory

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Mel Gellegan-Alivio, et. al.


Covid-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes to the normal lives of people including the delivery of education. This paper determined the lived experiences of teachers towards new normal education amidst the pandemic. Also, this will investigate the challenges encountered in delivering quality education and ways of coping with the challenges. Moreover, this will look at a possible theory that can be generated out from the findings. This qualitative study will use Grounded Theory design to guide and generate substantive theory. The researcher will collect data through interviews with teachers from a specific public school. The study will find out that teachers are having difficulties and lots of challenges in delivering quality education in the new normal and that they opt for the traditional way. According to teachers, they are loaded with lots of paper works in addition to the existing forms that they need to accomplish. Another challenge is that there is no assurance that students don’t cheat in answering the tasks in the modules given. To cope with the challenges in by the new normal, teachers find ways to cope by time management, teamwork, and cooperation among one another to accomplish a certain task on time.   

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