The challenges hindering the Iraqi women from engaging in political activities: Empirical studyPrepared by

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Ahmad Othman Mohammad


The present study aimed to explore the challenges hindering the Iraqi women from engaging in political activities. For carry out the study’s measures as required, a descriptive analytical approach was adopted. The challenges targeted through this article are: social and cultural challenges, educational challenges, political and legal challenges, and media-related challenges. The researcher developed a questionnaire. The population is represented in all the Iraqi women living in Iraq. A stratified random sample was selected. It consists from 270 BA female and male BA students enrolled at the department of political sciences at four universities in Iraq. Those universities are: (University of Baghdad, University of Kufa, Al-Nahrain University and University of Mosul). Questionnaire forms were distributed to those students in an electronic manner. 253 forms were retrieved and considered valid for analysis. The researcher concluded that the severity of the social, cultural, educational, political, legal, and media-related challenges hindering women in Iraq from engaging in political activities are high.  He recommends: holding awareness-raising lectures at Iraqi universities and public and private facilities for promoting awareness about the significance of increasing women engagement in political activities. Such lectures should be organized and funded by the government.

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