Biology at Home: The Six Attributes of Home-based Biology Experiments (HBEs) for Remote Authentic Learning

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Dave Arthur R. Robledo


Home-based biology experiments are activities that utilize household materials that have been adapted for the remote learning environment and are aligned to standard learning competencies. Recognizing the households and kitchens as extensions of laboratories, HBEs can be used to deliver authentic learning experiences for the students at home. Furthermore, there are several attributes of HBEs that should be considered before the implementation of the activity. These attributes are, it is ethical and safe to perform, it produces tangible products, encourages students to reflect, promotes collaboration, materials are easy-to-find and affordable and lastly, home-based biology experiments are modifiable. Also, HBE encourages students to work independently under the supervision of their parents and teachers. Parents and guardians, as collaborators, should ensure students' safety, monitor their child’s progress, provide a safe environment and conducive work area, and should report all cases of accidents and problems to the subject teacher. In conclusion, home-based biology experiments are one of the emerging teaching tools for remote authentic learning in the new normal. Moreover, HBEs could also be used to address the problem of the lack of hands-on activity in remote learning. Further studies should be conducted on the effectiveness of HBEs in different topics in biology.

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