Perception on Values in Chinese Society: Process of Change, Causes and Ongoing Challenges

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Nguyen Anh Chuong, Duong Duc An


Since the mid-nineteenth century, there has been a process of transforming the perception of values in Chinese society. This essentially is the ideological struggle to choose the development model that is consistent with circumstances and meets the requirements and missions of China’s Revolution through each stage of history. After China implemented its open market policies in 1978 to date, the system of values has gradually been built based on “Socialism with Chinese characteristics” (中国特色社会主义), with a resurgence of capitalism and traditional values. From an ideological-cultural perspective, the article sheds light on the transformation of perceptions and views about the values in Chinese society. From that, the authors have highlighted and analyzed the problems dialectically, challenges stemmed from China domestically and externally. These obstacles to some extent, have hindered the process of building a system of values and ethical standards of Chinese society today.

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