The effect of the triple dialogue strategy on the mathematical communication skills among fifth grade primary school students

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Prof. Dr. Taghreed Abdul-Kadhim Jawad, Amna Ibrahim Ahmed Shihab


The current research aims to know the effectiveness of the three-way dialogue strategy in the mathematical communication skills of fifth-grade pupils. To achieve the objectives of the research, the following null hypothesis was established: (There is no statistically significant difference at the significance level (0.05) between the average grades of the experimental group students who will study the subject Mathematics according to the tripartite dialogue strategy and the control group students who will study the same subject according to the usual method of testing mathematical communication skills, The research sample consisted of (35) pupils of the fifth grade of elementary school in (Al-Mansouriya Primary School for Girls) for the academic year (2020-2021), and it was distributed into two groups, the experimental studies, which were studied according to the tripartite dialogue strategy by (19) students, the control was studied according to the usual method by (16) female students. The two research groups were rewarded with variables (chronological age calculated in months, previous knowledge in mathematics, and mathematical communication skills with previous information, intelligence, and the educational level of the parents), The research tool of examining mathematical communication skills was built, and it consisted of (25) essay paragraph ,for each skill of sports communication skills (5) paragraphs, i.e. mathematical listening (5) paragraphs, mathematical writing (5 paragraphs), and mathematical reading (5 paragraphs), mathematical discussion (5 paragraphs), and the mathematical representation (5) paragraphs, and the validity of the test was verified and the calculation of the difficulty factor and the discriminatory strength of its paragraphs was acceptable, and the alpha-Crownbach equation was used to find the stability, so its value was (0.88). After completing the experiment, a test of sports communication skills was applied to each of the two groups (experimental and control), and by using appropriate statistical means, the results showed: a statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental and control groups in the test of sports communication skills, in favor of the experimental group and in light of the results of the research A number of conclusions were reached, including teaching according to the tripartite dialogue strategy that has the effect of increasing the mathematical communication skills of fifth grade primary students. A number of recommendations and proposals have been developed, the most important of which is encouraging mathematics teachers to use the three-way dialogue strategy at all school levels, in addition to that, training courses to train mathematics teachers on how to apply the three-way dialogue strategy that helps them in managing educational situations. The proposals: Conduct a study similar to this research in other study topics and different study stages, and conduct a study of the effect of using the three-way dialogue strategy on other variables such as mathematical prowess, mathematical culture and information retention, and conduct a study to find out the extent to which mathematics teachers possess mathematical communication skills.

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