The effect of the educational pillars strategy in improving some types of offensive handball skills

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Hamza saad Ghaydh, et. al.


In order to achieve the goal of the research, to know the effect of teaching strategic pillars in improving some types of offensive handball skills, the researchers used the experimental method on a sample of (20) players representing a school of football, which lasts forever in the governorate of Maysan Al-Omar (15-16 years). A sample of the priest into two experimental and control groups, each group comprised (10) players, and after the experiment and the processing of the data obtained by the researchers, the researchers reached the most important conclusions, including: the effect of an effective strategy for educational pillars on the improvement of some offensive skills with handball, and a varying level of the experimental group and the control group, Seitan recommends the following: Strategic pillars instruction should be used in the learning and training process to improve some basic skills for other team games. And conducting similar studies used on other sports and different age groups.

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