Development of a Valid and Reliable Tool to Measure Skeletal Muscle Spasm in Myofascial Pain Syndrome

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Shilpa Jain, et al.


Myofascial pain syndrome is a condition that produces local and referred pain occurs due to prolonged overload on the muscle, postural disturbances or due to direct hit to the muscle. Different confirmatory diagnosis have been reported by many researchers to treat the root cause of the pain. But such procedures cannot be routinely used because of the lack of such laboratory settings. This study aims to develop a valid and reliable tool to measure spasm developed due to myofascial pain syndrome. Experts involved in the study evaluated that the tool is easy to administer and can be scored easily and helps in the initial diagnosis of such disorders. The score range of the spasm may vary from 0- 14, 15- 39 and 40- 50, resulting into mild, moderate and severe spasm respectively. This developed tool will not only be useful for Physiotherapists only but for frontline Physicians also dealing and treating the problems of muscle spasm.

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