Effective Presentation of Apparel Products on Ecommerce Platforms

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Sushant T. Eapen


Ecommerce platforms rely heavily on virtual product experience (VPE) to convey product information to online shoppers. Various digital imaging and product presentation techniques are used to enhance the shopping experience. In the past, shoppers relied heavily on showrooms trials to decide on the purchase of apparel products. When selling online, apparel ecommerce platforms need to pick the right presentation options. This paper explores various 2D and 3D imaging and presentation techniques and probe young shoppers to understand the perceived value of the options. Experts in photography, digital content creation and website designing are probed to quantify the efforts involved in bringing these options to the shoppers. The research used a value-complexity framework to analyse the options and prioritise them. The results bring out the product presentation options that should be preferred by brands and platforms when they offer apparel products online.

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