Impact of Management Education on Personality of Management Graduates

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Dr. Anvay Bhargava


Development of an individual as a manager requires a major shift in thought process of an aspiring management student. One of the key aim of management education is to build up the personality suitable so as to be of use as an efficient manager in the corporate world. To build up capacities lot of innovative teaching tools have been adopted worldwide by the B-schools like case based teaching, internships, use of media and online tools. Management education builds up these capacities in the form of personality traits. There are lot of psychometric tools available to assess the personality of individuals and other aspects of management like conflict management, leadership style, etc. This assessment helps in identifying the best talent suitable for a job in industry. This empirical study focuses on the impact of management education on personality change, on students entering the B-school and at the time of their exit. The students compared the perceived changes they have observed in themselves based on Cattell’s sixteen factor personality model.

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