Diana Baumrind’s Parenting Style and Child’s Academic Performance: A Tie-in

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Ana L. Candelanza, Eva Queenilyn C. Buot, Jewish A. Merin


Diana Baumrind’s Pillar Theory emphasizes a child’s behavior is associated with parenting styles as they grow and interact with new people. Parenting styles have always been perceived to be a major factor in children’s development. The researchers aim to discover the correlation between parenting style and children’s academic performance on bridging the gap between parents, learners and blended learning. A random sampling was administered where parents answered the questionnaire to determine their parenting style and children’s grades were gathered. The test on the relationship between academic performance and parenting style used by the parents showed that the relationships of these two variables are not considered significant. Results indicated a weak positive correlation or an insignificant relationship between the parenting style and children’s academic performance. It implied that parents are not the only factors that can affect the children’s academic performance. Hence, it is suggested to have a compromise tie in between parenting styles and the learners’ learning tasks. The result serves as basis of conducting seminar awareness for both parents and children in the selected community.

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