Surviving the Semester: Stress Management for Student-Scholars

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Ma. Kristel Joyce Momo, Jewish AranetaMerin


There have been several studies focused on the effects of the COVD-19 pandemic on the well-being of both the students and the educators. However, there are limited studies that specifically focused on the experiences of college student-scholars adapting to online classes amid the global pandemic. Most of the time, student-scholars come from financially challenged families, and unlike regular college students, they seem to face greater pressures in their studies especially on maintaining their grades since the hope of finishing their education rests on being able to keep their scholarship grants. This study aims to identify the stressors that student-scholars face in the online class setup and identifies the coping strategies employed to manage these stressors. This study is a quantitative research that used a survey questionnaire administered to the student-scholars under various courses from the different universities in Cebu City. This study found out that among the five categories of stressors, student-scholars experience financial stressors the most, which mostly stemmed from the increased household expenses due to the excessive electricity usage during the online class. Listening to music has emerged as the most common coping strategy used to deal with stress. Thus, it is implied on the development of stress management interventions for the student-scholars which is useful for the university and/colleges‟ Guidance and Counseling Services and the scholarship granting institutions.

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