Psychological Treatment for errection of Penis

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Vyas Prabhulal Mavji, Dr. Ramesh Potdar


Psychological impotence or erectile dysfunction is nowadays a pretty common yet misunderstood disorder. People often cannot detect it properly and misunderstood it for physical impotence. Psychological impotence is basically caused by psychological problems. Most of the times, this kind of impotence are curable. Recent study has shown that most of the cases of impotence are basically of this nature. Numbers of sexual problems were found to be frequent. Physical, social/emotional, and relationship factors were all found to have a significant impact on the prevalence of one or more sexual problems. In addition, we observed an important gender difference: increasing age was more consistently associated with sexual problems among men. Thus, sexual problems among women and men appear to share similar correlates, but physical factors may play a larger role among men. However, as men age, there may be more psychological and relationship issues as well that influence their sexual satisfaction and performance.

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