‘Home’ as a Motif in Select Poems by Writers of the Indian Diaspora

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Dr. Rajani B


         ‘Home’ is a recurrent theme in many writings of the Indian diaspora. This paper intends to study how the theme of longing for one’s home is treated by the writers of the Indian diaspora, especially by those of the post-independent era. From nostalgic images of India, buttressed with idealization of homeland and experiences of the exile, we find these emigrant writers struggling to find a place for themselves in the foreign land. If in Sujata Bhatt, the dominant emotion is nostalgia, in Shanta Acharya, we find a realistic assessment of the exilic experience. In writers who migrated in the 1970s, we find ‘home’ being relegated to the secondary position as they begin to discuss themes like women’s rights, racism, homophobia and even superstitions.

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