Dominant Factors in Al Kaaf Orphanage Foundation Service Quality Implementation

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Ali Nasith, Abdul Bashith, Saiful Amin, Zainur Rozikin, Bambang Sugiyono Agus Purwono


The increasing number of research on orphans is due to the increasing number of orphans in Indonesia.  The death of orphans’ parents because of the traffic accidents, sickness, pandemic and epidemic of disease, and absolute poverty become the rise in the number of orphans. The aims of this research are to determine and to analyses the dominant factors of  the service quality (ServQual) in Al Kaaf Orphanage Foundation. Research method used self-completion questionnaire that was developed from the service quality dimensions and attributes. The research variables are Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, and Responsiveness (RATER). The analysis  used descriptive statistics and quantitative approach using Factor Analysis to determine and to analyses the orphans’ perception. The respondents are the orphans, the religion teachers, and the leader of Al Kaaf Orphanage Foundation (ALKOF).  The research results are a) the five variables RATER  reduced to two factors (called trustworthiness, and physical approach). b) The first factor (called trustworthiness) supported by three variables (assurance, empathy, and reliability). c) The second factor (called physical approach) supported by two variables (responsiveness, and tangibles).

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