Test criteria in the book Kindergarten Al-Azhar for Cordobi The marriage and interest between the fun and the jokes as a model

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Hala Hayder Mohammed, Prof. Dr. Raad N. Mayood


Literature books, especially the selections, were filled with many stories, parties and anecdotes.

And Ibn Abd Rabbo in Al-Iqd Al-Fareed, and Al-Abshahi in his book Al-Mosttafar ... and others. Perhaps the most important characteristic of these stories is that they mix between fun and interest at the same time, and behind their lines there is a moral depth that is based on exhortation, consideration and guidance ... in addition to their apparent performance in pleasure and laughter.

The book “The Kindergarten of Flowers, the Joy of Souls and the Surprise of Sightseeing” included what is beautiful and desirable from it.

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