To Investigate the Effect of Teacher’s Competencies and Stress on Student’s Academic Performance at University Level

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Dr Saira Taj, Marryam Moazzam, Dr Habiba Azhar


The purpose of the research was to investigate the effect of teacher’s competencies and stress on student’s academic performance at university level. Convenient sampling technique was conducted in this research study. Out of the whole population 10% was taken as a sample. In this way a sample of 400 male and female students selected from four public and four private universities of Lahore city for data collection. This study is quantitative in nature and based on survey research. The data were collected through a self-constructed questionnaire. Data was analyzed through descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, i.e. Pearson correlation and regression analysis etc. The findings of person shows that there is a positive relationship between academic performance and teacher competencies. It was further found through analysis that is a positive relationship between academic performance and stress scores of students. The findings of t-test showed that there is no significant difference between both genders with regard to teacher competencies, academic performance and stress.

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