Motorcycle Safety System with "Auto Connect"

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Dwi Feriyanto, et. al


The vehicles thefts, especially motorcycles, occured without knowing the time and the owner. Motorcycle thefts occured in public places such as housing, markets, places of worship, tourist attractions, offices, even in the house. It caused anxiety that made us anxious in doing daily activities. Therefore, it was necessary to look for innovation technology to secure motorcycles from thieves. Motorcycles made by the manufacturer, were actually quite safe with the ignition key. However, thieves were not witless either to break into the ignition key by using "T" keys. Thus, the security system of a vehicle (motorcycle) was not enough by relying on the ignition key. Thus, there was necessary to make a new breakthrough as additional safety on motorcycles, namely motorcycle safety system with "auto connect". This motorcycle safety system with "auto connect" worked based on the distance between the motorcycle and the "auto connect" controller. If the controller was within the radius of the motorcycle then the motorcycle will be active, but if the controller is out of the range, then the motorcycle will not turn on and the horn alarm will sound. Motorcycle safety system with "auto connect" was not only installed on the motorcycle but also can be installed on helmets, bags, clothes pockets and other goods.

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