Need Analysis of Developing 21st Century Learning Skill in Technopreneurship in the Digital Age

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Eliza, et. al


This study aims to analyze the need for the development of 21st-century technology era entrepreneurship learning in tertiary institutions. This needs analysis explores in depth the importance of entrepreneurial learning, especially the role of entrepreneurial learning in improving 4C competencies (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity) as competencies in the 21st century. This type of research is descriptive survey method. Data collection techniques are the distribution of questionnaires and interviews. The sample is students of the Faculty of Computer Science, lecturers of entrepreneurship courses. Data analysis techniques used in this study are quantitative and qualitative. Based on the results of the needs analysis conducted quantitatively and qualitatively, based on the analysis conducted it can be concluded that there is a gap between the needs and expectations of students and entrepreneurial lecturers, especially in terms of learning models (methods, approaches, materials, modules, and other teaching materials) used), and the existence of recommendations as a result of needs analysis related to the need for innovation to build student competence in the 21st-century is expected. Also, this study revealed that students of the faculty of computer science, lecturers of entrepreneurship courses, require the development of learning models that support the improvement of 21st-century competencies needed in face competition in the digital age.

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