Lexical Categorization of ENGLISH WORDS BY UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS IN Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Ihtisham Ul Haq, et. al.


The Present Research Study Focuses On English Lexical Word Classes. The Study Particularly Focuses On The Problems In The Categorization Of English Lexical Words Into Different Lexical Words Classes. The Present Study Administered A Test As A Research Instrument To Collect Data From One Hundred Participants Focusing On These Properties Of English Lexical Words. These Learners Were Selected From Four Different Universities Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Test Comprised Of Thirty Eight Closed And Thirty Eight Open-Ended Questions. Results Of Collected Data Showed That Undergraduate Students Faced Many Problems In The Identification Of Lexical Words Utilizing The Available Clues. The Most Problematic Class In This Regard, Was The Class Of Adjective Followed By The Class Of Noun. The Class Of Noun In Turn Was More Problematic Than Adverb And Verb Classes. The Problems In Identifying Syntactic Clues Were More Than Morphological And Semantic Clues. There Was No Significant Difference In Identification Of Lexical Categories And Their Semantic, Morphological And Syntactic Properties’ Recognition. The Findings Of The Present Study Are Highly Significant From Pedagogical Perspective. It Can Help English Teachers In The Identification Of The Problems In Teaching And Learning Semantic, Syntactic And Morphological Properties Of English Lexical Words.

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