Political Psychology in the Digital Era: A study on the Political behaviour in Kerala

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Dr. Binoj Jose


The psycho analysis on the influence of social media reveals that the social media provides a sense of belonging, increases trust and bondage and reconnects people. This happens in the political sphere too. The social media friendship also has a pivotal role in politically educating the people. First, the perceived intimacy of social network contacts should increase the psychological impact of political appeals. The state of Kerala finds a premier place in use of social media. There is a high level penetration of the use of smartphones and internet in the state. Digital Kerala will definitely find a transcending change in the political participation, behaviour and culture. Along with the existing socio-economic and educational standards, the greater number of social media usage would certainly provide a better place for digital politics. The sum total of the changes in these political cultures would rather engender similar variation in the political behaviour of the state of Kerala

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