Development of learning media application to enhance skill of rice-cracker cost reduction in manufacturing

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Fisik Sean Buakanok, Paramin Wongkhamsing, Suwannee Kruaphung, Phanuwat Rangsan, Siwadol Waraaeksiri


Learning media development is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating. This study aimed to develop a learning media application for manufacturers to improve their skill of reducing costs in rice-cracker production so preventing problems of loss and poverty. This study’s research and development methodology used the ADDIE model consisting of 5 stages: 1) analysis, 2) design, 3) development, 4) implementation; and 5) evaluation. Validation of learning media was undertaken by three experts, followed by three trials. The experimental one-shot case design comprised 20 rice cracker manufacturer participants obtained voluntarily and examined their skill level after media application use. Evaluation by the media experts (82.67% and 81.33%) and the instructional design expert (86.67%) indicate that the learning media application was of excellent quality. Results from the individual trial (83.11%), small group trial (84.29%), and field trial (79.51%), showed that the learning media application was effective in improving skill of rice cracker production cost reduction. Results of the test by 20 participants- mean score-27.40/30; T-test value-19.517; and Sig.= 0.000 (2-tailed)- indicate that they had the skills to reduce their manufacturing costs. Therefore, this instructional media merits use as learning media for improving the skill of rice cracker production cost reduction.

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