Improving Image Quality by Using ICC Profile in Litho-Offset Printing

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Hanan Abdelraof Hassanin


Color plays a crucial role in things we use and buy, and for those who design, making sure color is applied, shown, and printed correctly is an important part of their job. Because the majority of the phases in the design process are now completed digitally, designers are depending more heavily on their computers and monitors to ensure color accuracy. Designers must first achieve the highest level of color fidelity possible.

So, what exactly is an ICC Profile? ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device, according to the International Color Consortium (ICC). The profiles usually explain the color characteristics of a specific device.The profiles typically describe the color attributes of a particular device. Simply, every device that displays color can be assigned a set of profile, and these profiles define the color gamut that will be displayed by these devices.

We can use an ICC Color Profile to simulate how one device sees colors using a different device. We can use the ICC Profile to convert colors between devices so that they match. Soft proofing is the term used in the printing industry to describe this procedure. Soft proofing allows us to view a depiction of how a physical print will look on our screen before printing it. If we discover a flaw, we can fix it by making more alterations to the image until it resembles (as closely as feasible) the original.

This research aims to study the effect of applying ICC profile on the quality of the printed image in litho-offset ,where the researcher prepares a print surface ( plate ) added to it a characteristic file and another without ,printing the two surfaces on the same printing machine under the same conditions on the same kind of paper, and after printing the measurements are made for the density of the ink film and the dot gain and compare the results with one of the international standard specifications of the printing industry (ISO)

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