Application of Lawrence Venuti’s Theory on English Translation of Peer-e-Kamil

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Rana Imran Ali, Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Azhar


The research has analyzed English translation of the novel Peer-e-Kamil
using Lawrence Venuti’s fo hro htforeignization and domestication in
translation studies. The research is based upon mix method unnrhu o aorpp
lr os CC’o rhe C thr anCupufhro r o ur o. The research's data was
obtained from the novel Peer-e-Kamil and its English translation. Natalie
Ramiere’s (2006) foreignization and domestication model with a minor
change has been used for this purpose. lp foro rhe C, ora translation
procedures which are borrowing from source text, literal translation, gloss,
hrroorhp, p afruCraufrhp, faruC oat aCstitution and the new addition
borrowing from global text are put on a scale. The study urho trhr re u
fouf u phhe translation has much to bring to translation theory in this multicultural

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